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Reducing the stigma associated with mental illness and addictions. Working towards prevention of youth suicide through education, understanding, awareness and compassion.

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  • BostonMarathonFeaturedImage

    The 2018 Boston Marathon

    The 2018 Boston Marathon although just a few weeks ago seems like a distant memory. The sounds and sensations are fading from my mind as my muscles adjust to the dreaded ‘DOMS’- delayed onset muscle soreness. Inflammation still cursing through my body in response to running a cold and water logged marathon. This year’s event …

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  • My Unlikely Path to Ironman

    Recently, after much internal debate I decided that Lake Placid Ironman was going to be my first full distance triathlon. Why not shoot for the stars? Lake Placid is the longest running North American Ironman and a former Olympic venue. After doing the research on courses that would potentially suit my strengths I settled on Lake Placid. It checked off all my boxes. Double loop swim. Manageable bike course (if …

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  • How to get beyond the one-word reply when talking to your teen

    By Leslie Dragon As a mom with two teenagers and a tween, I know how hard it can be to start up a meaningful conversation with my kids. Most times I’ve tried it, they’re too busy playing on their phones, or if I manage to get them to look up for a second, they’ll respond …

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  • April 28, 2017

    What I want I can never have again and yet I manage to survive, even to thrive in moments. But the fact remains that you are gone. Every second. Every minute of every day that further separates you from me makes me yearn for you even more. I saw a young man who reminds me …

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