Lynn Keane is a speaker, author, former broadcast journalist and passionate advocate for suicide prevention and mental wellness. She has spent the last decade educating the public about the devastating reality of people in crisis and suicide.

Since the death of her son Daniel by suicide in 2009, Lynn Keane has dedicated her life to sharing his story, the underlying causes and contributing factors in depression and suicide—as well as the importance of treating mental illness with understanding and compassion. A deeply personal issue for Lynn as a mother and former broadcast journalist, she has turned Daniel’s story into a call for action to re-examine how we view and treat mood disorders, as well as challenge the long-believed myths about addictions and disorders of the brain.

In an interview with CBC RADIO’s –The Current, Keane explained her new reality and the shock over Daniel’s death:

“On April 28, 2009, my son Daniel died by suicide. I had no understanding that my 23-yearold son was living with depression. His disease left him unable to concentrate — and the self-loathing was crippling. As the shock began to lift I realized that by sharing Daniel’s story I could make an important contribution to others by examining his life and exploring the many factors in his depression and suicide. The process was difficult, but ultimately it was necessary to help answer the questions around ‘why’ our son would take his life. Living through trauma and grief inspired me to unpack the stigma that prevented our son from reaching for support and rethink how we view and treat mental illnesses and how we can better support our loved ones.”

Lynn Keane wants Daniel’s story to be a call to action for everyone. Keane’s message of compassion and education uses her story as a powerful way to inspire others to change how they think about youth mood disorders and addiction. Through working with mental health professionals and organizations and her advocacy on various platforms, Keane has become a passionate, highly respected voice on mental health and suicide prevention in North America.

She has spoken at many high-profile events, including TedX Youth Toronto, The White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans webinar, and The Summit on Suicide Research in New York City, to name a few (further details can be found in Events). She has also participated in CTV’s “Speak Out on Suicide.”

As a former journalist, she has provided opinion pieces and editorials to numerous media outlets including The Huffington Post, The Globe & Mail, The National Post, Canadian Living, Vancouver Sun, CTV, CBC Radio, TVO, and Mood Magazine.

Keane has contributed to Bell Let’s Talk Day as an ambassador and guest on several CTV platforms.

Keane is a member of Trillium Health Partners, Youth and Family League for PROJECT NOW in Mississauga, Ontario, whose goal is zero suicide by 2027, as well as a contributor to Olympian Silken Laumann’s Unsinkable story sharing platform. She is also a long-time contributor to #SickNotWeak, a mental health and suicide prevention platform.