Bell Let’s Talk Day and the Importance of Sharing Your Story



For Bell Let’s Talk Day on Wednesday, January 25,  I was thrilled to be invited to share my story and information about suicide prevention with hosts of CTV’s The Social. Watch the video here.







A few months after my interview aired, co-host of The Social, the wonderful Traci Melchor, released a special announcement about her plans not to return to the show – and in the video she opens up about her own emotional struggles for the first time, naming Justin Trudeau and myself as conduits for her reaching out for support. That same day, my daughter posted this thoughtful Facebook post:









This experience shows just how important it is for us to share our stories, in part so that others – even if it’s “just one person”– may reach out to us, and open up about their own struggles. Just by talking, we may change someone’s life. #BellLetsTalk