The Long Distance Journey

I’m a long distance runner. My muse is the marathon. That increasingly popular athletic pursuit of the masses. On a glorious, windswept sunny day- the first Sunday in November I stood on the Verrazano Bridge high above the northeastern shores of Staten Island with my race plan committed to memory. The New York harbor and …

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Anxiety & Fear

I have anxiety. I am fearful of new situations, often feeling dread at the prospect of walking into a room full of people. My mother tells me that as a child I was completely fearless. She tells me about the day when I climbed onto a hydro box and then propelled my four year-old self …

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In February I was a guest on CHCH’s Square Off hosted by Mark Hebscher and Elissa Lansdell. The show opens with a discussion between the hosts and then an introduction to a topic or guest. The subject that day was youth mental health. Arriving at CHCH I met the show’s producer Christine Cho. We discussed …

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