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Excerpt: Grief Work

“Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak, Whispers the o’er-fraught heart and bids it break.” William Shakespeare, Macbeth, 4.3 Oakville, May 2, 2009 On the first Saturday after our son’s suicide, the four of us got into our truck and drove into downtown Oakville to see a grief counselor. We stopped when we …

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Chapter Nine: DK Goes North

Sometimes I try to imagine the last hours of Daniel’s life. I try in the hope I will come to understand why our son ended his life. I replay the scenario over and over, but it never brings the comfort I’m looking for. Oakville April 28, 2009 Daniel had turned his cell phone off and …

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In February I was a guest on CHCH’s Square Off hosted by Mark Hebscher and Elissa Lansdell. The show opens with a discussion between the hosts and then an introduction to a topic or guest. The subject that day was youth mental health. Arriving at CHCH I met the show’s producer Christine Cho. We discussed …

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Post Mortem

In writing Give Sorrow Words I wanted to invite readers to join me on my journey. I wanted our story to unfold naturally, not be weighed down by facts, statistics and research. I also wanted readers to understand that there is never one reason in suicide. My research within this chapter confirms that fact. The …

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Searching for the Truth

In a recent blog I discussed what reader’s were saying about Give Sorrow Words. In this post I want to touch on a particular thread of remarks that relate to why I have been so open and willing to share our story. Writing about your child who has died is a deeply moving and painful …

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