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Letter to Daniel

My Dearest Daniel, In the days since you’ve been away from me I have had time to reflect and remember what a joy it was to be with you. You have left me with pieces of yourself, parts of you, that I hold close. You and I were inseparable for most of your life. Your …

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Unknown Brother

‘Though I’ve never met you and we’ve spoke not a word I’ll never forget you through the stories that I’ve heard’ The song Unknown Brother by The Black Keys is haunting and melodic and captures the essence of yearning and loss. Listening to the song usually brings me to tears thinking about my son, Daniel, …

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Book Launch

On March 28 at The Abbozzo Gallery in Toronto we celebrated the launch of my book, Give Sorrow Words. It was a night to recall and reflect on my son, Daniel, and his impact on everyone who had gathered and supported our family since his suicide in April of 2009. The evening was celebrated with a …

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