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Physical health conditions and depression

In doing research for my book I began to understand the significant link between chronic physical health conditions and depression. ‘Physical conditions were especially predictive of suicidality if they occurred early in life. As the number of physical conditions increased, the risk of suicidal out- comes also increase’. Chronic Physical Conditions and their Association with …

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‘A letter to Daniel’

[yt video=”ZEZ7poWkZ8Y” width=”560″ height=”315″ /] Drawing inspiration from Give Sorrow Words, I collaborated with the talented Faduchi Group, based in Burlington, Ontario, to create a short mental health awareness video. Using music, photographic images and the spoken word, ‘A letter to Daniel’ illustrates the emotional pain of depression and the brutality of losing a loved …

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Writing Give Sorrow Words

On a late April day in 2009 my son Daniel took his life at our family cottage. We became survivors of suicide. Writing about our life after my son’s death was a natural process. In order to understand my son’s tragic outcome I had to first go back to our family life and figure out …

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Writing Give Sorrow Words: The Video

Book Designer, Angel Guerra on selecting the front cover image for Give Sorrow Words: “I chose the image because the book is surrounded by water. Much of it takes place at the cottage. Also, to me, and from my reading of mythology, water is a symbol of crossing over—What separates us from the far shore.”

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