LynnKeane_CHCHIn February I was a guest on CHCH’s Square Off hosted by Mark Hebscher and Elissa Lansdell.

The show opens with a discussion between the hosts and then an introduction to a topic or guest. The subject that day was youth mental health.

Arriving at CHCH I met the show’s producer Christine Cho. We discussed possible questions and the format for the broadcast.  I was told that I would be in a studio with a cameraman and the hosts would be in another studio.  I would have an earpiece to hear their questions.  Internally, I wondered how the interview would come off in this format, especially given the subject: Depression and Suicide.

As I sat in the studio with my thoughts I looked over at my daughter, Aimee, she gave me a smile and a thumbs up-“Mom, you’ll be fine’. I took a big breath and waited to hear Mark Hebscher’s first question.

As a parent and one who has lost a child, I felt both hosts asked thoughtful and important questions relating to our story and to the state of youth mental health in general. Please click here for the entire interview.