#raiseHOPE World Suicide Prevention Day 2014

#raiseHOPE #WSPD14: September 10, 2014

As survivors of suicide, we have an intimate understanding of the contributing factors in depression and suicide. At a time when the world’s attention is drawn to suicide, often through graphic reporting around Robin Williams’ death, I believe that those who have first hand experience should lead the conversation.

In the days leading up to World Suicide Prevention Day, from September 1 to 10, please join me on social media to #raiseHOPE.

What is #raiseHOPE?
RaiseHOPE is a social media campaign created to honour loved ones lost to suicide and to raise awareness for suicide prevention.
With our collective knowledge and experiences we can make a global impact. Our time to lead is NOW!

RaiseHope_2How can you participate in #raiseHOPE?
1. On large white card, a chalkboard or whiteboard, share something your loved one did to inspire you.
2. On a second card finish this sentence: “Through my lived experience I now understand…” This knowledge will help educate others about Suicide Prevention.
3. Tape the cards one above the other and take a photo. See my example: I chose to tape them to a tree beside the water.
4. Share your photo on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #raiseHope. Retweet and Like other raiseHOPE photos. All photos will be shared online– watch this space for the link!

Let’s work together to:
End the stigma around depression
Educate about suicide prevention

Please watch and share  ‘A letter to Daniel‘ in support of suicide prevention.