#SickNotWeak – March 10

IMG_4773Many years ago I met journalist, TV and radio host Michael Landsberg. We worked together on a corporate video about the Internet- back when this new space was known as the ‘super highway’! 

Several years passed and we met again. I had the pleasure of being a guest on TSN’s Off The Record. I appeared most often on ‘Fighting Friday’s ‘ where we dissected the news worthy sports stories of the day.

In 2012 I reached out to Michael to read my manuscript, Give Sorrow Words and possibly write a few words for the book cover. As always he was incredibly generous. 

Recently, he and a team of ambassadors across the country launched #SickNotWeak. 

#SickNotWeak is more than a hashtag- it is a movement that seeks to build community and support those living with mental illness and honour the lives of loved ones who have died by suicide.

Daniel’s life before depression was featured on #SickNotWeak 

I hope you’ll check out this important initiative. The more we speak out-work together-educate ourselves-the better opportunity to change outcomes. Let’s come together to end the debilitating stigma that prevents people from sharing their emotional pain.

Please see Michael’s comments below:

My name is Michael Landsberg. I have suffered from chronic, debilitating depression for the past 17 years.  In 2009- on the show I hosted- Off the Record- I spoke of my struggles publicly for the first time.  I said it simply,” I suffer from depression.  I am not ashamed or embarrassed or weak.”  The reaction to those words changed my life.  I found out the impact they can have on someone who does see themselves as weak.  I began speaking about my illness and for convenience used the words “I am sick not weak.”  It stuck.

 #sicknotweak has become more than an initiative – it has become a movement.  On March 10th we launched  sicknotweak.com.  Our goal with the site and the rest of the initiatives that follow is simply this: to reach and help that lonely person. 

I have not yet met a person who suffers from any form of mental illness who didn’t say they feel and overwhelming sense of loneliness and hopelessness. Ironic that loneliness is so prevalent given the fact that so many suffer.  I believe sicknotweak.com can lessen people’s struggles.  We will do that by creating a community.