The Radical Transformation Series is a personal story of loss and transendence.

Extreme events often precipitate major change in our lives.

This transformative experience provides us with several options. Do we choose despair and become immobilized? Which I experienced. Or do we slowly—with the benefit of time—choose to see the sliver of light at the end of a very long tunnel that provides hope and allows us to feel something other than pain. Ultimately, in surrendering to my own pain, I was able to see the light, experience joy and seek a higher purpose in life. Movement was monumental in my healing process.

With 14 marathons, Ironman and multiple 70.3 Half Ironman races under my belt, I understand the physical benefits of being in motion. Movement also builds resilience and mental toughness. The simple act of putting one foot in front of the other in endurance triathlons (Ironman) and marathons has provided opportunities for me to fully engage in life again and has prepared me in a unique way to face extraordinary loss.

As an author and advocate I speak and write openly about my lived experience so that other young people might see themselves in my story, and reach out for support.

I want to celebrate the power and the “The Why” around physical movement and how it has influenced my journey. I know that what is lost can be reclaimed in different forms and I am ready to show up for myself; take up space and celebrate my radical transformation.