Lynn Keane encourages people to explore their capacity of empathy, to ultimately find the non-judgemental space where deep listening and support can be offered and received. She is a mental health warrior who teaches the potential of transformation from struggle through physical activity and present moment awareness.

Lynn’s story became a catalyst for my work as a mental health advocate, and the eventual creation of KBI Inspire Magazine in 2019. Lynn’s advocacy work in mental health and suicide prevention [illustrates] the profound power of ‘the ripple effect’ in generating effective social change.

Lynn is a dynamic speaker and a terrific writer. We have had the pleasure of featuring Lynn’s personal story on our Unsinkable site as well as publishing her editorials. Her perspectives have been positively received from our audience. Lynn is active on social media and employs it as a means to provide help and to support others. She is quite simply, an inspiration!

“Lynn Keane’s story has changed many lives for the better and is influencing how clinical care is modernizing with a direct and deliberate focus on suicide prevention.”

“Every time Bell Let’s Talk or Mental Health Week come up, I think of you and all of the tireless work you are putting into your messages around awareness, prevention and hope. I am blessed that our paths crossed, that I have gotten to know you, and know Daniel through you. I am so grateful to have you join me as part of the Family and Youth League for Project Now, as we work towards a time where hopefully one day no child dies by suicide.”

“Suicide devastates so many.  But in the process, it often creates warriors.  Warriors like my friend @keane_lynn. Her strength, her dignity, her compassion and her intelligence will save others from the awful pain she and her family have felt”.

Key Partnerships, Sponsors, and Events

  • TEDx Youth Toronto
  • CASP-ACPS Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention
  • Distress Centres of Greater Toronto
  • International Academy of Suicide Research
  • The White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans
  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
  • The JED Foundation/The Moth
  • Project Now
  • Bell Let’s Talk
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  • Canadian Running Magazine
  • Inspire Magazine
  • Grad Minds (University of Toronto)
  • Lazaridis Student Society (Laurier University)
  • Stop the Stigma (The Kyle Brandon Traves Foundation)
  • March for Mental Health (Toronto)
  • #SickNotWeak